Make Your Dreams Come True With Momma PRetty

Have you dreamt about owning your own clothing boutique, but the cost was out of reach? If so, you come to the right place. Starting your own women's fashion boutique can be complex and expensive. Especially, if you're trying to open up a brick & motor. A brick & motor store starts at $20k just to get started. There are online MLM companies like Lularoe, that offer women an opportunity to make money by selling their clothing on Facebook. Their start up cost starts at $4,900. That's pretty steep, if you ask Momma Pretty. Plus, their clothing is over priced for their consultants and consumers.

Momma Pretty has created a way for women around the world to start their own fashion boutique based on their budget right from their home. YOU CAN SELL ANYWHERE! We only charge a small monthly fee to deliver you the best affordable wholesale prices. We provide quality leggings, women's tops, handbags and more. It's your time to become Momma Pretty. Take advantage of this major opportunity. Apply today to become a Momma Pretty retailer.

how does momma pretty works?


Apply to become a Momma Pretty retailer.


Wait for a Momma Pretty representative to contact
you about your application.


Once approved, pay the membership fee to access wholesale pricing.


Log in to your account and start shopping for pieces to start your boutique.

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